Israel is a Miracle

by Avi Abelow

One can not learn the history of the establishment of Israel and not be in awe. The hardships and obstacles the Jewish leadership had to overcome to establish Israel as the modern state of Israel are staggering. The establishment of Israel is nothing less than a divine act of countless miracles.

Winning the War is Only a Small Part of the Story

Most of the attention on the miraculous establishment of Israel is the focus on the war. Little Israel, without a trained army, was attacked by no less than six trained Arab/Muslim armies. The amount of miraculous battles is astounding. No military expert can explain how Israel won that war. It just makes no sense. Out manned, out gunned, with only a small amount of second hand planes and tanks. Yet Israel was able to hold off six armies, many of them trained and staffed by British officers, no less.

However, the war of Indpenendence was only one part of this miraculous story.

The diplomatic front was also filled with hardships and obstacles. Even though the United Nations voted on the partition plan to support the establishment of Israel as the Jewish homeland, that was not a sure thing. Even after that vote, the next hurdle was David Ben-Gurion’s declaration on the establishment of Israel. Great powers of the world were having geo-political diplomatic battles over us. Russia supported Israel’s establishment while the United States under President Harry Truman was against.

Miracle after miracle, one amazing historic anecdote after another. That is the miraculous story of the establishment of Israel.

One can not truly understand the establishment and daily existence of the modern Jewish state of Israel and not believe that there is a higher power up above. It is just impossible to explain otherwise.

We are blessed to be living this miracle.

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