Amazing Stories of Volunteers who Helped Defend Israel in 1948

by Avi Abelow

They could have stayed home and remained safe. Instead, they risked it all to volunteer and help build and defend Israel. Israel would not have won the 1948 war of Independence without the assistance of these volunteers from around the world.

the stories of volunteers from around the world who came in 1948 to help build and defend the State of Israel.

“You came to us when we needed you most, during those difficult, uncertain days in our War of Independence. You gave us not only your experience, but your lives as well. The people of Israel and the State of Israel will never forget, and will always cherish, this unique contribution made by you — the volunteers of Machal.”
– Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, 1993

Reactions to the video

“These stories are so priceless. Thank God all the memories have been recorded so that we can read today what they endured , the joys and sorrows, to build the State of Israel. It has never been easy but you have thousands of us to love and support you.I’m a Christian and will never forget Yeshua was an observant Jew.” – Claudia

“This was an inspiration, the kind we need each and every day! Ha Tivkvah! We thank Hashem for those who saved Jews and brought them to safety after the horrors of the Shoa, fought for the fledgling state, fought for our beloved Eretz Yisrael after 1948 and continue to protect and defend our beloved land. Am Yisrael Chai!” – Rosalind

Am Yisrael Chai!

“Inspiring stories as we pause to reflect on the meaning of Yom HaZikaron and we remember all those men and women, including the 123 volunteers, who have given their lives to create and defend the State of Israel. May their memories be a blessing to us all. עם ישראל חי” – The David Project

“A tremendous video! The strength of the Jewish people does not come from the barrel of the gun, but from the strength of their deep conviction of the justness of their cause. Am Israel Chai Laad.” – Jim

“Am Yisrael chai! These people are true heros and mensches! There are many in my old Shul who faught in the war of independence. Hashem truly has blessed us by giving us our Home back! A fellow in my synagogue was one of the Canadians who went over to join the Haganah. Vidal Sasoon is Jewish? I never knew that.”

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