Antisemitic Attack on Streets of Berlin with a Surprising Ending

by Avi Abelow

Arabs in Berlin shout “Jew!” as they perpetrate an Antisemitic attack on the street in the middle of the day.

The Twist

At first, it was reported that the victim was a Jew. It made perfect sense, since who else would walk around wearing a Jewish head covering, called a kipah.

But this antisemitic attack has a twist. The victim was not a Jew at all. The man was an Israeli Arab who wanted to find out what would happen to him on the streets of Berlin if he looks like a Jew! He was shocked at how unsafe it was. He got whipped by a fellow German Arab and found out that Jews are not totally safe in Berlin.

The German Arab man hit him with a belt several times, screaming “yahudi”, the Arabic word for Jew.

The victim wrote that he “was attacked by two people today just because I wanted to go out with the yarmulke. I didn’t expect that bad.. still in Berlin!!”

A Berlin Jew posted that he was “shocked and ashamed by the attack. He called upon the Berlin Police and prosecutors to to identify the attacker as soon as possible and to deal with the full severity, as the evidence is obvious!” “Despite ongoing public debates, the steps taken so far do not seem to have made any difference. If we do not start resolutely now, then we will be moving towards a future in which Jews in Germany will no longer be able to be safe in the streets”

What a twist! The guy isn’t even Jewish! He is an Arab-Israeli who wanted to find out what would happen in the streets of Berlin if he wore a Jewish head covering, called a kipa. Thankfully the attack wasn’t more serious than just a belt whipping.

The timeline of tweets

First Fruits
Blood Libel
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