You’ll Never Believe Why Times Square Was Closed

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow! This is unbelievable. Times Square is probably one of the most well known destinations in the world. Check out this event there!

Jewish Teens at Times Square

How cool is this? Thousands of Jewish teens flooded Times Square to show their Jewish pride. It is amazing. With all the antisemitism that has been happening worldwide – and in New York – this event shows everyone that Jews will continue to be Jews. The Jewish nation will continue to be proud. We will continue to show the world who the Jewish people are and what they stand for.

It would be remarkable to have 5,000 teens unite anywhere in the world. But especially in a place like Times Square which is so public and so well known! And with a Jewish superstar like Benny Friedman. We all need to show our Jewish pride the way these teens did. We should not be embarrassed or hide. We need to tell the world we are Jewish, and we are proud.

People need to realize the difference between the Jewish people and those who hate the Jews. The Jewish people are a people of life and love. They unite for events like the one in this video. They sing and dance. The Jews don’t unite to call for death and destruction. Those who hate the Jews unite to shout about hate and death. They protest to call for the obliteration of the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

The difference is so, so clear. Why can’t the world see it?

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