The Left is Begging for This Video to Be Removed from the Internet

by Phil Schneider

The radical woke ideas that would have been laughed about just ten years ago are now mainstream. There are no longer men and women. Everyone can be whatever they want – man, woman, reptile, fish – it’s all the same. There are no more red lines. There are no longer any acceptable jokes about gender issues. The world has indeed gone mad. Is there any way to fight back?

Jokes are indeed the most effective and therefore critical method to point out the absurd. What is needed today is more and more mockery of the radical left, and the radical left knows this. It is the critical tool that is more necessary today than at any time in the past in order to expose how ridiculous the world is.

Affirmation and acceptance of absurdity instead of ridicule and rejection has been the norm. This is what Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee website, points out has been the great mistake. It is not about cancelling woke ideologies – it is about ridiculing them and rejecting them from our own lives.

Today, the greatest need to fight back is satire and clarity of how absurd everything woke is. It’s not just about where things will lead to. It’s about how crazy things are now due to the woke ideologies that have spread like wildfire while cancel culture shields any counterattacks. Bathrooms, locker rooms, female sports, comedy, and many police forces have already been destroyed.

The madness must be battled with humor and more humor. The masses are indeed…. But, there is a point when even those who have bought into the crazy woke ideologies may indeed wake up and see that they are destroying their own lives. So, yes, there may be hope for the future. But the masses must be woken up.

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