You’ll Be Sharing This Story With Everyone You Know

by Leah Rosenberg

Maybe you heard this Jewish song before. But did you know the heart-wrenching yet inspiring story behind it? Wow.

The Story Behind the Jewish Song “Ein Davar Ra”

When you come across Jewish music, there are often stories behind the songs. Some stories are happy, some stories might be sad. The story behind this Jewish song Ein Davar Ra by Yaakov Shwekey is one of those heartbreaking stories. But you will find inspiration from the people in this story. You will be inspired by the people who chose to keep believing in G-d despite unspeakable tragedy. You will be inspired by those who turned to words of faith and turned to music so that everyone can be uplifted.

Hopefully we will not have to be tested in such a major way like Shimon Ilan was.

But every person is tested and struggles in some way. People suffer to some degree. And the question is what we do with that suffering. Who do we turn to? Do we remember that G-d controls everything and that everything is truly for the best? Do we remember that our Father in Heaven loves us and embraces us when we suffer?

That is not to say that we must walk around smiling when something bad happens. Shimon Ilan felt the pain. He cried. He might have struggled through the horrific tragedy. But he knew that Hashem is in control. He understood that Hashem does everything for the best, even if we can’t see it.

May we all learn from the remarkable faith of the holy people in this story.

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