Woman at Harvard Club gets assaulted by Palestinian Arab for asking a simple question

by Leah Rosenberg

Does anyone care about freedom of speech anymore? How is it possible that IN AMERICA a woman was a assaulted for sharing another opinion?

Freedom of Speech

It is extremely sad that people in America feel like they do not have freedom of speech when they voice their opinion. In this video, Vanesa Levine explains how she was silenced and asked to leave an event for asking a simple question. She just was asking a question that challenged the “other side,” and no one wanted to hear it. No one could tolerate that maybe there is a different truth. Is that what America has come to?

When it Gets Violent

Not only was Vanesa booed and silenced at the Harvard Club, but she was assaulted by a Palestinian Arab. She was called names. Why? Because she was trying to share the truth. She put it perfectly: “So apparently, one side is very hateful. The other one is looking for answers and for solutions.” Vanesa could not have said it any better. This incident is an example of what happens, sadly, when one person tries to stand up and challenge the lies being spread. People need to know this. Don’t let Vanesa’s voice be silenced!

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