Will This Be Bibi’s Next Deal?

by Micha Gefen

Everyone is wondering now that Bibi Netanyahu is set to be Israel’s Prime Minister once again – who will he sign a peace deal with next? After all, under his watch Israel signed four consecutive peace deals with Arab or Muslim countries.

Ron Dermer, the former Israeli Ambassador to the USA stated in an interview – “No one.” That is unless the Biden administration ends its appeasement of Iran.

“As soon as the Biden Administration ends its appeasement of Iran, then we can quickly expand the circle of peace.” According to Dermer, as long as no one in the White House is willing to apply pressure to Iran, there will be no one willing to make peace in the Arab world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will be taking the reins from Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz, who decided to work closely with an American administration that actively and still actively appeases the Islamic regime in Tehran. In order for their to be more peace deals, Bibi will have to convince Saudi Arabia and others in the Sunni Arab world that he means business, with or without the USA.

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