Will Smith’s unforgettable lesson about freedom

by Leah Rosenberg

What do Will Smith and the Jewish religion have to do with each other? Seemingly nothing. Until you hear his talk about skydiving. Then you will see how his message has EVERYTHING to do with Judaism.

Will Smith and Skydiving

Will smith has a talk about the time he went skydiving. He actually said he hoped it would get canceled because he feared what he was about to do. As the plane elevated to 14,000 feet, it was time. The door opened, and he was petrified. As they started to count to 3, he was pushed out of the plane. He yelled, but then he soon realized he felt the most amazing feeling. Pure bliss. But why?

Skydiving and Freedom in Judaism

Smith felt pure happiness because the second he was out of the plane, he had no control. He had to let go. Flying through the air, there was nowhere else to go. The only option was to enjoy his experience. And that is exactly what he did.

The Jewish religion believes that true freedom comes when we understand that we only have the ability to control our thoughts and actions. The rest is up to God – nothing else is in our power.

Passover and Freedom

On Passover, Jews celebrate their release from slavery. They celebrate freedom. Slaves do not control their own time or even their own actions. But once a person has freedom, they can have self-control. Using self-control can feel so energizing. Self-control makes a person feel freedom. Freedom to choose, to act, to relate to others.

As Rabbi Tzvi Sytner says, “The ultimate sense of freedom is realizing that the only thing we control is ourselves. And the rest of life is in the Almighty’s hands.”

The saying goes, “Let go and let God.” And that is a liberating feeling. That is true freedom.

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