PM Netanyahu shares special surprise with Congressman Scalise

by Aaron

Congressman Scalise is lucky to be alive. He is a member of the House representing Louisiana. He served as the Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee.

In June 2017, Scalise was shot at a congressional baseball practice. He entered the hospital in critical condition. Three and a half months later, he returned to the House and gave an emotional speech. It was a rare powerful moment in Congress.

Scalise is a strong conservative.  He champions lowering government spending.  Additionally, he supports President Donald Trump’s 2017 executive order on immigration. That is the controversial temporary ban on US entry for citizens of 7 Muslim-filled countries.  As far as safety for schools, He supports the STOP School Violence Act.  He claims that you can stop the tragedies before they happen.

Scalise and Israel

Scalise recently tweeted: America and Israel share a close bond. It was great to see PM today at the Capitol.

In a Facebook post in November 2013, he wrote the following: “Israel is our strongest ally and most trusted friend in the region. And before taking any action, President Obama would do well to consult with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has called any waiving of sanctions ‘very, very bad’ and ‘the deal of the century’ for Iran. It is time for the Senate to join with us in standing strong against a nuclear armed Iran by taking up the bill passed by the House to increase sanctions.”


In a speech to the AIPAC conference, he proudly declared that Israel is on the frontlines of terror and that he supports providing the critical security and assistance for Israel’s missile defense.  In addition, he stood clearly with Nikki Haley in her stance to fight against Iran support for its proxies fighting Israel.

Perhaps this is why Scalise received such a clearly warm reception by PM Benjamin Netanyahu.  Israel needs friends in Congress and Scalise is one such friend.

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