Will The Saudis Finally Make Peace With Israel?

by Micha Gefen

After President Biden takes off from Israel on Friday, he is set to land in Saudi Arabia. There is some indication that the Biden administration is intent to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to reach a peace agreement with Israel.

While this is certainly in the cards, most experts believe that Saudi Arabia will refrain from any sort of official normalization with Israel for the time being. This has much more to do with America’s lack of will when it comes to defending Saudi Arabia against Iran than it is connected to the “palestinian” issue.

The “palestinians” are often times used by Saudi Arabia as the primary reason that is holding normalization. However, in reality, just like the UAE and Bahrain, the Saudis do not care about the “palestinians.” For the Saudi rulers, the “palestinians” are a convenient tool to use that deflects normalization until they get the sort of defense commitment from the USA that they want.

Despite this, there is some movement on the part of the kingdom in Saudi Arabia towards normalization. Iran’s fast moe to getting nukes is increasingly leaving the Saudis nervous about taking on Iran by themselves. If normalization is needed to get the Americans and Israel on board – then so be it.

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