Q&A With Timur Aklin, An Israeli Muslim Arab Convert To Judaism

by Uri Gobey

Last month I made a video post, click here to see it, about my friend Timur Aklin who was born to a Muslim Arab family in Yaffo, Israel and was raised to hate Israel but after certain events in his life he eventually ended up converting to Judaism and now dedicates some of his life to exposing the Arab and Muslim society, some good parts but of course the focus is on the not-good parts which directly affect us.

Timur and I engage a lot privately and discuss certain topics and he decided he wanted people to ask him random questions about Islam, Israeli Arabs, “Palestinian” Arabs and the Arab society in general. I helped him get some questions together from my followers and he made the following Q&A video for you all to learn from.

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If you have any other topic ideas please feel free to reach out to me or Timur directly on Facebook.

If you are interested in watching a very detailed interview of Timur by Rafi Pinsky then you can see it here below.

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