Will Iran Strike Against Israel During Its Government’s Collapse?

by Micha Gefen

With Yair Lapid set to take over as Israel’s Prime Minister and a very real possibility that Naftali Bennett will retire from politics, Iran may be gearing up for some sort of serious attack against Israel.

Yair Lapid’s lack of geopolitical expertise is a clear and present danger to Israel’s ability to fend off attacks from Iran or any of its proxies. Add the Russian troops and air force stationed in Syria and Israel is faces its fiercest challenge since 1973.

Will Iran strike?

Impossible to know, but there would be no better time for them to do so. Hezbollah has been training for years to pull off a cross border raid. With 100,000 missiles pointed at all points in Israel and a weak prime minister at its helm, Hezbollah may try to go for it all.

With all of the above being said, Lapid may surprise and instead of leading Israel to its destruction, he may just rise to the challenge and pull off the unthinkable.

Yes – its a stretch, but one may dream.

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