Will Hezbollah Attack Israel’s Gas Rigs?

by Micha Gefen

Israel is taking serious precautions against a potential Hezbollah attack against its gas rigs in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The IDF has been training against a Hezbollah attack that could cripple Israel’s gas extraction infrastructure. Israel’s gas findings has seen it become transformed into a Mediterranean energy giant, replacing Egypt as the potential heavy weight.

With both the Tamar already operational and now the Leviathan field soon to be on board, Israel is setting the stage for gas exports to reach Europe by way of Cyprus and Greece.

This is what makes Hezbollah’s threats of attacks against these gas fields precarious and why the IDF is training to repel them.

Hezbollah claims that the Leviathan gas field is in Lebanese territory and believes it has the right to attack it.

Can it?

Hezbollah’s arsenal is far more advanced it once was as it is holds the Russian-made Yakhont shore-to-sea guided missile.

Last year Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah said, “If you attack, we will attack. If you bomb, we will bomb you…. I promise you, within hours [the platform] will cease operating,” Nasrallah said, according to a translation by Hadashot.

With Hezbollah now firmly in control of Lebanon’s government, the threat of a Hezbollah Attack against these gas rigs has increased, especially against the new Leviathan field.

Netanyahu said the following at the opening ceremony of the Leviathan gas field, “Completion of the Leviathan gas rig and gas flow from this field later this year is a critical component in Israel’s strategic strength, in its energy strength, its economic strength, its political strength.”

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