Will anyone else say what this Israeli student just said?

by Leah Rosenberg

In today’s America, it takes courage to stand up and say what this Israeli student said. People are labeled racist for warning others about antisemitism!

Israeli Student Speaks the Truth

Ilhan Omar is a vile antisemite. That is the truth. But in America today, anyone who says that is labeled as Islamophobic or racist. Yet, when Ilhan Omar compares Israel to Nazi Germany or to Iran, people refuse to call her antisemitic.

But this Israeli student does not care about whatever backlash she might receive for speaking the truth. The facts are the facts, and honestly, Ilhan Omar’s words and actions speak for themselves. She tweets antisemitic comments, she supports the BDS Movement, and she criticizes Israel constantly. So what did this Israeli student do? She had courage. The student said, “Ilhan Omar represents the modern face of antisemitism, just like those I face on campus.” It is not a new phenomenon. She is bringing back the “oldest prejudices,” as mentioned in this speech.

Antisemitism on College Campuses

The antisemitism on college campuses is just encouraged even more by people like Ilhan Omar. If a congresswoman can be so antisemitic, why can’t college students? If a leader in America has such hatred for the Jewish people, what is stopping young students from also having such a horrific hatred?

The examples given of antisemitism on college campuses happens often. Bullying, demonizing Israel, even professors sharing their hate for the Jewish people! It is enough. Will others be brave enough to speak out as well?

Motivation for Terror
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