This Muslim let the truth slip out on live TV

by Phil Schneider

What does Shariah Law bode for non-adherents? It must be said in a crystal clear manner. The life of a non-believer in the Muslim religion under Shariah Law is not something very attractive. It will also not be very long. The penalty of death is not something that is often exclaimed. But sometimes the truth does actually slip out.

A progressive path towards dictatorship

When pro-Muslim progressives claim that we need to offer full space and rights to people who want to live a life of Shariah Law, be rest assured that they are not supporting a lifestyle that believes in freedom of religion. They are merely using the freedom of religion in the west in order to establish non-freedom of religion in certain areas. This has nothing to do with liberal values. It has everything to do with anti-Western values.

So, in talk shows that seem to show reasonable people and interviews with progressives, you will rarely hear a Muslim say something like the word “Death.” But that is actually exactly what they believe should be the punishment for non-believers. When you hear Rashida Tlaib speaking about “Palestinian” rights, she is actually referring to her belief that an Arab country should exist in place of the Jewish State. She does not believe in a peaceful settlement between the two peoples. She supports the Shariah Law observing people and opposes the Western democracy of Israel. But she uses the language of rights and progressive double speak. But the genuine opinion of leaders like this is that Shariah Law is the ideal that they would like to see in more and more pockets of the world. Beware.

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