Why the Judeans tried to fight back against the Great Roman Empire

by Leah Rosenberg

History literally comes to life here. Now you can picture what the Jewish people experienced thousands of years ago under the rule of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire and the Judeans

Would you be able to live through what the Jewish people did under the rule of the Roman Empire? Would you try to fight back? Or maybe you would stay silent while hoping the torture would end soon enough?

Obviously, none of us know how exactly we would respond. But this video really sheds light on the situation that the Judeans found themselves in when the Romans oppressed them. Videos like these make history come to life. Sometimes, history does not seem real, even if we know it is. But after watching this, you can truly feel it.

The Great Roman Empire is No More

Although it is hard to imagine how much the Jewish people suffered under the Roman rule, the “great” Roman Empire is no more. It disappeared. It was destroyed. It vanished.

And the Jewish people? Yes, the Jews are still here. The Jews are strong. The Jews are eternal.

It is miraculous that the Jewish nation has survived persecution after persecution, destruction, death, oppression, and more. Survive is an understatement. Flourished! After every persecution, the Jews came out stronger and better. The more the enemies of the Jews try to bring them down, the more they will stand upright and fight back.

According to nature, there is no reason the Jewish people should still be here and be flourishing. But G-d always has other plans.

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