The Final Battle for Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Second Temple

by Avi Abelow

A battle that will never be forgotten. Feel the historic moments of the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE that led to the destruction of the Second Temple.

The Second Temple and Exile

A breathtaking drama, Temple in Flames, shows the brutal tactics used by Titus and his legions to subdue the besieged city of Jerusalem. In a painfully realistic manner, the film shows the desperate, heroic battle waged by the Jewish fighters to defend their beloved city – to their last drop of blood. The Second Temple was destroyed, and the Jewish people were exiled once again. We still feel that pain. We still feel that distance.

We are still exiled today. Although the Jewish people now have their own state, government, and army, we are eagerly awaiting the final redemption. Yes, we can pray at the Western Wall, but we are yearning for the day where we can pray at the Third Temple beyond that wall. The Western Wall is a reminder of what we truly want. Jerusalem is not yet rebuilt. G-d gave us a beautiful gift, and we must thank Him for that. We must thank Him that Israel is once again in Jewish hands. But that cannot lead to complacency and lack of yearning for the Final Redemption. It must inspire us to want more.

The Jewish enemy destroyed both Temples. There is pain in this world today. Terrorism, antisemitism, racism, viruses, and suffering. That is not the ideal world. We want a world where everyone sees G-d’s glory. We must pray to G-d to bring this exile to an end and have Jerusalem stand united in all its glory.

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