Why Israel Got it Wrong on October 7

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. This is really powerful. Let’s pray that something like October 7 never happens again. But we cannot be missing this one “thing.”

How Could We Have Been Wrong on October 7?

It’s simple. We forgot about G-d. Too many people ignored the Creator of the world. This message is strong here. Many people have woken up after October 7. Many who never went near religion with a ten foot pole suddenly changed their minds. They decided to keep Shabbat. They decided to turn to G-d in the moments they thought they would be killed.

We still have work to do. We cannot build a Jewish state without G-d. We cannot have peace without G-d. Without G-d, we have nothing.

The Jewish people are waking up. And we need to continue to wake up. Following G-d’s ways is the only way to success. Those who are trying to succeed without Him are going to fail.

Believe in G-d and we will succeed. The Jewish state is so afraid to stand alone and to stand against the world. And yet, it is not afraid to stand against G-d? We must shift our perspective and our actions. We must direct all our efforts toward bringing G-d into our lives and our state. Without the One Above, we are nothing. As Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel said in this video, “Until we bring G-d into this conversation, we will never be successful.” Standing “alone” with G-d is far from standing alone. It is, in fact, everything.

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