Watch: The Perfect Response to a Disgraceful Question on the Gaza War

by Phil Schneider

The knee-jerk anti-Israel politicians and media personalities have found the issue to needle Israel on – the humanitarian issue of the poor Palestinians in Gaza – especially all of the Arab children. How can anyone live with the thought of starving children being bombed and killed by the thousands by a powerful Israeli Army supplied with weapons from the United States? Sounds convincing – right? Wrong. The lies that stand at the base of this grossly exaggerated narrative must be exposed.   

First of all, the moral equivalency that the questioner was making between the suffering of Israeli hostages and the suffering of Arab children is not just absurd – it is morally wrong in every way. 

But the key point is that Hamas, and the Arab families who chose to stay in Gaza and support Hamas, are the ones responsible for ALL of the suffering – of Jews and Arabs. Israel gave the Arabs everything that the Arabs asked for and more. They were handed land, millions from the Israeli government and billions in foreign aid. They could have turned the Mediterranean into a massive tourist attraction. Instead, all of the land and resources were converted into the largest terror infrastructure per square mile in the entire world. 

You cannot build hundreds of miles of tunnels and massive underground shafts to all of those tunnels without widespread support from the local population. These parents of Arab children in Gaza are either terrorists or terrorist-supporters. Their children are victims of their Hamas parents who celebrate death – including their own children’s death – as long as it involves killing Jews. The main humanitarian issue is the subhuman attitudes of the Arabs to their own children and to humanity as a whole. The only chance these children have for any semblance of a normal life is for a total Israeli victory wherein Israel takes over the entire Gaza and obliterates all of the Hamas infrastructure. This must be done in order to have a true humanitarian society in Gaza, one without missiles, tunnels, and death at the center of life.        


Gershompesach January 17, 2024 - 2:05 pm

Israel shud have made the releasse of ALL the hostages a pre-condition for allowing ANY humanitarian aid… Gaza is like a state… U make war… everybody pays the price.

ewljr January 17, 2024 - 5:33 pm

Every death (both sides) and every crime committed throughout this war are the direct responsibility of Hamas and its sponsors which include the governments of Iran, the United States, &the United Nations among others.

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