Why Is Israel Still Playing Footsies With Qatar?

by David Mark

It has become clear to most observers that the real engine behind Hamas’ rise to power and the global surge in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments is Qatar. This is the same Qatar that in the past fueled the Muslim Brotherhood’s take over of Egypt as well as providing massive funding to ISIS.

Qatar houses the Hamas political wing in Doha, continuously funds Islamic Jihadist entities around the world, and injects pro-Islamic narratives and anti-Israel narratives into Western Universities through massive donations. It is estimated that from 2001 to 2021, Qatar gave over $4.7 billion to U.S. colleges. This is just a small piece of their Western donations and investments.

While its true Qatar pretends to be Western facing by leasing to the US a massive airfield in their country as well donating to what the West believes is a set of charitable causes. However, this is cover for their end goal, which is the destruction of Israel and the subversion of the Western culture. 

In many ways, Qatar is Iran with a smile and they are far more ahead on their end goal than the Ayatollahs who get most of the attention as the region’s nefarious players.

Qatar has been involved with the funding of Hamas for years. Besides bank accounts – their primary avenue of funneling money into Sinwar’s military development in the Gaza Strip as been UNRWA, which is why Qatar is so ticked about Netanyahu pushing for its closure. Taking out UNRWA will not only move the manufactured conflict that exists between Israel and the so called “palestinians” to a close, but it will leave Qatar out of tools for injecting the Arabs in the Levant with radical Muslim Brotherhood ideology.


With Qatar and UNRWA now exposed, the question now remains – why is Israel still playing footsies with the Qatar-Hamas regime in Doha? The answer clearly lies with the Biden administration who has publicly affiliated Qatari advisors within its circles. To say the Biden administration is compromised is an understatement. 

Take Hady Amr as just one example. I wrote the following in late October: “Hady Amr is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State focused on Israel-Palestine relations. In an interview with Georgetown’s Berkley Center ahead of a conference he led in Doha in 2007 as the founding director of the Brookings Institute’s Center in Qatar, Mr. Amr stated it would be in everyone’s interest to engage the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar is the Brookings Institute’s biggest funder.”

As long as Biden’s team has a Qatari funded operative within it – expect Israel to be forced to deal with Qatar, which is like telling the Jews in the middle of World War Two to negotiate with Hitler.

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