Why did no one else condemn the murder of a 17 year old Israeli girl?

by Leah Rosenberg

In one of the most recent Palestinian Arab terror attacks against Israelis, a 17 year old Israeli girl was murdered by a bomb while hiking with her family.

Israeli Girl and Israeli Boy Killed

A beautiful 17 year old girl named Rena Shnerb was killed on Friday August 23, 2019 while going hiking with her father and brother at a natural spring near Dolev. Her father and brother were badly injured. What should have been a beautiful hike before the holy Sabbath turned into a devastating tragedy. Why? Because Hamas and Palestinian Arab terrorists want to destroy and murder the entire Jewish people.

Just a couple weeks before, a 19 year old boy named Dvir Sorek who was studying and going to the army was stabbed to death by Palestinian Arab terrorists on his way home from Jerusalem after buying his teachers presents. Why? Because he was a Jew living in his homeland. Is that a crime? Apparently, the UN thinks it is.

UN Doesn’t Condemn Terrorism

It is absolutely horrific that the United Nations cannot manage to condemn the murder of two Israeli teenagers. Innocent children, just starting their lives. Somehow, the US and the UK were the only two countries that were willing to publicly stand up to terrorism. It is absolutely sickening. Are the lives of innocent Israeli men, women, and children not important? The UN condemns Israel for existing, essentially, but they are unwilling to condemn terror organizations like Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

It is sad. It is disturbing. Can the UN really look at pictures of children who were brutally murdered and NOT condemn the murderers?

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