Who Will Be Running As The Democratic Nominee In 2024?

by Phil Schneider

It seemed unthinkable that the Democrat Party would place Joe Biden on the ticket. They did. It seemed unthinkable that he would win. He did – unless you think the elections were rigged. But the next unthinkable situation is about to occur – either before or after the mid-term elections. Kamala Harris will probably be the first female President of the United States.

Some people think it can’t get worse than having Joe Biden as President. But it is too early to make a judgement on his Presidency. There is a good chance that if Kamala Harris takes the reins next that crime will be so rampant across many cities in America that people will long for the good times under Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris made it crystal clear that she supports the Black Lives Matter movement. That means that she supports crime and lawlessness and blaming white people for most of the ills of society. A fundamental misunderstanding such as that is one of the most dangerous things that the person sitting in the Oval Office can have.

But the leaders of the Democrat Party may be thinking that it’s preferable for Kamala Harris to serve for a year or two before the 2024 primaries in order to pave the way for an outsider to come in and “rescue” America. Either way, the future in 2024 looks bright for the Republican Party.

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