Who Was Behind The Delhi Attack On Israel’s Embassy?

by Gavriel Dan

With information coming out that the IED that went off near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, India may be connected to Al Qeida, it becomes more important than ever to figure ho was really behind the blast and why?

The prevailing assumption has been that this attack was a one off blast that has little impact on the surrounding area. This appears to be premature.

While it is not clear if Al Qeida was on the blast, Indian and Israeli security officials believe that this IED may be the beginning of something far more. Whether Iran or Al Qeida, there is a concern that this blast is part of an organized campaign against Indian-Israeli relations.

So who would be interested in destroying or threatening this burgeoning alliance?

The fact is, both Iran and China have an interest in holding back the strengthening India-Israel alliance. China may not be willing to risk go after either Israel or India directly, but allowing Iran or Al Qeida to do so would be something that should not be riled out.

With alliances and partnerships continuing to shift and consolidate around the world given the rise of China and the pull back of the USA, the Eastern Med-Israel-Sunni-India alliance is fast becoming a formidable block.

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