White woman shot by BLM supporters for saying “All lives matter”

by Leah Rosenberg

This is actually terrifying. Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this story? Why is it that when BLM supporters do bad things, the media ignores it?

Hold BLM Supporters Accountable

Are there bad White people? Yes. Are there bad Conservatives? Yes. There are of course people who are bad on the Right side of the political spectrum. But what about the bad Leftists? What about the BLM supporters that are committing crimes? Why can they do whatever they want while their Democratic mayors support them? It makes absolutely no sense.

But that’s just it – the whole thing is illogical. Do Black lives matter? Of course! Just like White lives, Jewish lives, Christian lives, Muslim lives, Hispanic lives, and every other person’s life matters. No one life matters more and no life matters less. Shouldn’t that be a positive thing to believe?

All Lives Matter

When someone says all lives matter, they mean ALL lives – including Black lives. So why is it so controversial?

People have lost their jobs, been condemned, and even attacked for saying that every life matters. Seriously? How ludicrous! Everyone wants to be treated equally.

The truth is that all lives do matter. But because it is the truth, the media won’t share that. The media doesn’t share the truth, they share their own agenda. That is the only thing they focus on. Whether it is making up stories or only sharing half the story, the mainstream media misleads Americans.

Do your research. Find the truth. Don’t let America destroy itself from within.

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