China and Iran are about to sign a deal to end the world as we know it

by Phil Schneider

Iran has been the #1 issue that has preoccupied Prime Minister Netanyahu for the last couple of decades. Despite the fact that Netanyahu outmaneuvered President Obama via pressure on pro-Israel members of Congress, Iran was still able to get away with a horrendous deal that allowed Iran to continue to build their nuclear arsenal. Thankfully, President Trump understood how horrible the deal was and has repealed it.

But China has always been the big wild card in world politics. The cash-filled and population-filled dictator-run Communist country is indeed the largest and most powerful foe to the world. President Trump understands this due to his strong focus on economic prosperity. But, China is also a major player in terms of it’s ability to rescue countries like Iran from financial ruin. If Iran is able to weasel out of all of the financial pressure due to China’s ability to spend billions of dollars on oil, the Middle East may be changed enormously.

Israel must engage the Chinese government in a way that allows for it to both make sure that Iran cannot rebuild it’s military threat and become the regional bully it has been for decades. This of course is a very delicate matter as Israel does not want to anger the United States in the present climate. China has emerged as the main focus of the United States. President Trump is right in labeling the coronavirus the Chinese virus. China must be confronted. But it will be a frightening century if the free world cannot figure out how to deal with a China that flexes it’s power and muscle against the free world.

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