What Abraham and David saw thousands of years ago you can still see today

by Leah Rosenberg

In Israel, a view is more than just a view. A path is more than that. Everything connects to history. You can literally walk in the footsteps of Abraham!

In the Footsteps of Abraham

Isn’t it amazing to be able to walk in the footsteps of Abraham? To be able to visit King David’s city and see the same views he saw? How about going to the places where G-d spoke to our forefathers and the righteous of the past generations?

Well, that’s Israel for you! Israel is different than other countries. In Israel, history is alive. The past blends with the present. You can feel thousands of years of life surrounding you wherever you go. The Bible explains where places in Israel are, and the archaeology matches up. It is fascinating.

A Biblical Existence

Israel is a place of spirituality. It is a place where you can follow G-d’s word and live a life according to the Bible. Life in Israel is filled with meaning. This video is a good reminder of how history envelops the present. History is not just a subject in school. You can learn about something in the classroom and then actually see it for yourself.

If you have never visited Israel, it is an experience of a lifetime.

People try to erase Israel’s history. They try to hide it and bury it. But there is just too much to hide! Even the dirt speaks up and protests the lies.

Israel’s history never dies because it continues to be so relevant throughout every generation.

Motivation for Terror
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