The White House’s Outrageous Change to Passport for Americans

by Phil Schneider

For the sake of inclusion, the United States Federal Government has decided to officially sanction insanity. A person can now legally declare themselves as NOT having a gender. That’s right. A person can say that they are not a woman or man. In case one thinks that this will only affect women’s sports, think again.

Every public bathroom will soon be a place where a person no longer knows if the other men or women in the bathroom are women or men. It is a matter of choice, just like choosing whether a person is interested in a hot dog or a hamburger. But, of course, there is a fundamental difference between gender choice and choice of food in a supermarket. Apples and oranges are indeed different species. Hot dogs and hamburgers are indeed different things, and it is perfectly logical to choose one over the other.

But an apple cannot be turned into an orange. So too, a woman cannot be turned into a woman – no matter what anybody argues. A person can certainly have homosexual tendencies. But, they cannot biologically change their gender. As Ben Shapiro made famous, the facts don’t care about people’s feelings. Some things cannot change – no matter what people say.

Liberal values of openness and freedom are wonderful. Progressive values that question basic concepts like gender are ludicrous and end up encroaching on everyone in the world in order to soothe the feelings of a small radical fringe.

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