Muslims Continue Violent Month of Ramadan and Attack Jerusalem Cars with Stones

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at how Arabs are celebrating Ramadan. Absolutely ridiculous. Disturbing. This is part of their culture!

“Holy” Month of Ramadan?

This is the atmosphere in Israel now during the Arabs’ “holy” month of Ramadan. They are incited by their religious leaders to use violence against Jews. Even their kids feel no fear in just throwing stones at passing cars. Some of the passing cars might be Arab drivers with their families. They don’t care!

Stone throwing can be deadly. Yet, attacks like this one never seem to make the news headlines. What if this was your neighborhood? Your car?

Jews also have holidays. Except Jews don’t try to murder others on their holidays. They use their holidays to become actually holier; to become closer to G-d. Jews don’t go around attacking Arabs on holidays. They don’t throw stones at passing cars.

How can the world possibly side with a people who do this to innocent passersby? How can the world look at the Jews and blame them for the violence that the Arabs perpetrate against Jews? This violence must stop!

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