These Israeli Soldiers Showed the World the Secret to Jewish Survival

by Leah Rosenberg

What’s the secret to Jewish survival? How are the Jews still here after thousands of years when seemingly greater nations disappeared?

Jewish Survival

The Jewish people have an advantage over their enemies. They actually have many advantages. And that is where the secret to Jewish survival can be found.

Jews are G-d’s special chosen people. So He will not let them disappear. He won’t destroy them. And what have the Jews done to show G-d they want to be His people? Faith. Love of life. Those are the secrets. Our enemies love death and destruction; we love life and creation. We have faith in G-d. We believe everything happens for a reason, and G-d has a plan.

Jews in Israel and throughout the world are going through a difficult time right now. No, it’s not the first difficult period in Jewish history. There have been worse times, and there have been better times. But Jews are being attacked throughout the world. Terrorism has hit Israel hard recently. Jews have been murdered in cold blood in a wave that is one of the bloodiest Israel has seen since the second intifada around two decades ago.

But Jews are still dancing. Jews are still celebrating life. In this video, Golani brigade soldiers are dancing around a bride in Ashdod who was taking pictures for her wedding. Why? Because Jews love life and building. They crave creating instead of destroying. They yearn for moments of life, love, and happiness.

And with that, they will always survive.

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