2,600 Year Old Wine with a Secret Ingredient Discovered in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

You gotta love archaeology in Israel. What a unique thing that was discovered in Jerusalem! There is always something new to be uncovered.

The Secret Ingredient Discovered in Jerusalem

Vanilla! Thousands of years ago, vanilla was used to enrich wine? That is awesome! The fact that this was discovered in Jerusalem makes it even better. Not only does this bring to light different ingredients used to enrich wine, but it also brings to light that vanilla was actually collected in Africa and India as well – not only in places like Mexico like originally thought. And then it made its way to other places such as the holy city of Jerusalem.

What is so cool about archaeology is that you can literally touch it with your own hands. And it tells an entire story. It sheds light on the past in more ways than people realize. It is fascinating that vanilla was used in wine sometimes. But it is also fascinating what else it says about the time period and the people in the time period. Every piece of archaeology has a story to tell.

The people who lived thousands of years ago had no idea what would take place today. They did not know that discoveries would be made about their lives. They did not know that people would be interested in the secret ingredient in their wine – which to them was probably not so secret. But it is all part of history. And it is all important to learn about.

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