NJ City Renames Street “Palestine Way” as Israelis are Murdered by “Palestinian” Terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

The fact that a NJ City did such a despicable thing is really sickening. They are openly supporting the murder of innocent Jews!

NJ City – Paterson – Supports Terror

The NJ City called Paterson is not known to be so friendly to the Jewish people or Israel. People there portray their anti-Israel, Jew-hating sentiments too often. Paterson has been called “Little Palestine” because it has the largest group of Palestinians in America as well as the greatest proportion of Muslim residents in the U.S.

Even though that is known, it is still disturbing to see the councilmen vote to rename part of a main street “Palestine Way” right after 11 Israelis have been murdered in cold blood by terrorists.

At this meeting to vote on renaming the street, the councilmen wore keffiyehs and very happily displayed the Palestinian flag. They openly support terrorism!

Any moral person should see why this is extremely horrifying. This is not a matter of opinion. This is a matter of black and white; of something that is clearly wrong.

Dr. Risch

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