When the UN cares more about demonizing Israel than protecting women…

by Phil Schneider

The place where the most absurd accusations are leveled on Israel is the United Nations. But sometimes, even the UN goes so far over the top that it must be pointed out with some clear-cut hard facts. The best example of this is women’s rights in the Middle East. Where do women have the most rights in the Middle East? Not only is the answer, of course, Israel. But moreso, Israel is the ONLY place in the Middle East where women enjoy full equal rights. And it has been this way for many decades.

A Look Back at Women’s Rights in Israel

Women in Israel have served in the highest levels of government from the very beginning of the State of Israel. Every Israeli child knows that the legendary leaders who helped build up and lead the State of Israel included Golda Meir. She was an emissary to Moscow and the United States in the most critical times of the formation of the State of Israel. She raised more money to buy weapons for the fledgling State of Israel than any other person. She was uniquely positioned to serve in both of these capacities as she spoke Russian and English fluently. She was born and raised in Kiev, but then emigrated to Milwaukee where she spent most of her teenage years. But her heart was always in the Land of Israel. It came as no surprise to anyone when she served as both Foreign Minister and then Prime Minister in the State of Israel – back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She was the natural choice.

Israeli women have also served in the Israeli Army since the very inception of the State of Israel. This was largely due to necessity. The Jewish population was around 600,000 back in 1948 when five Arab countries invaded the State of Israel and attempted to destroy it before it could come into being. Every able bodied man and woman, and every non-able bodied man and woman joined in the fight. There were more people than weapons. So, some people worked as couriers of weapons, driving motorcycles to bring the one machine gun to different fronts. Some people served as cooks and laundry soldiers. But women took up arms and were killed defending the fledgling State just like men did. This lasts till today. It serves as no surprise that women serve as the heads of the Supreme Court, as Generals in the Army, and in all kinds of high-level positions of government today. Israel is not only a country with no problem of equal rights for women. It is a country that serves as a model State for equal rights for women.

Dr. Risch

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