When the British PM stood up to defend the Jewish people, everyone listened

by Avi Abelow

British Prime Minister Theresa May came across stern and strong when she stood up to defend the Jewish people from the growing antisemitism in the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn – Anti-Semite

Jeremy Corbyn is the British anti-semite that keeps on giving. With each day more and more troublesome outbursts, events and meetings are exposed.  We now can clearly see his true antisemitic colors. One of the latest antisemitic comments that came to the fore was one he made a few years ago.  Corbyn said that “British Zionists don’t get British irony.”  What Corbyn is essentially implying is that regardless if a British Jew was born in Britain, or lived in Britain for centuries, so long as they are Zionists, they are not really British.  Rather, they are aliens to Britain. This is an extremely severe comment to say about fellow British citizens.  This is especially bothersome due to the fact that tens of thousands of Jewish men served in the British Army and Navy in World War I and II.

Theresa May Responds in Parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May rightly calls out Labour leader Corbyn for uttering such an antisemitic comment on the Parliament floor.

It seems like this issue won’t disappear. This antisemitism problem in the Labour party seems to be growing, not going away. The biggest problem with Jeremy Corbyn’s actions as the Labour party leader is that he is mainstreaming antisemitism.  As Maajid Nawaz has said, the Labour party today is now institutionally racist.

This is PM Theresa May speaking about the issue last month

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