The ultimate Rosh Hashana taste challenge

by Phil Schneider

Would you know what you ate if you had a blindfold on your face?I think I would have no problem in a taste test.  But watch and you’ll see some interesting reactions.

Rosh HaShana – Not just about food

Fish is not difficult to figure out when it hits your taste buds.  But some other foods are a bit different.  Matzo Balls are not necessarily such a traditional Rosh HaShana food, but many do eat it then too.  The most common food that graces Jewish New Year tables around the world is an apple and honey dish.

The most important line in this video is the one where one man claims that “when we turn off the TV, and turn off everything, then we can have a real connection (to God.)”

Connecting with Our Creator – Judgement Day

The Jewish New Year is about so much more than food.  It is the day that God created mankind at the end of the six days of creation.  And each and every year, God judges the entire world, but also every individual.

This is the reason why the ten days at the beginning of the year are called the Ten Days of Repentance.  Like any other person who enters a court case, we need to be on our “best behavior.”  Therefore, these are days that the tradition is to add an additional good deed or two into our daily regimen.

What is the ultimate goal?  To reconnect with our Maker and bring God consciousness into our lives in a deep and lasting fashion.


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