When radical Muslims attack radical Muslims…

by Avi Abelow

Three police officers were killed in Muslim suicide attacks on Hamas police posts in Gaza. Add this to the list of radical Muslims killing each other.

Muslims Kill Hamas Police Officers

At first, Gaza reported the suicide attacks as Israeli attacks against Hamas. But that was completely false. In fact, it was radical Muslims killing other radical Muslims. Seems absurd, no? The attacks are thought to have been carried out by extremist groups with ties to the Islamic State.

Welcome to the world of Islamic extremism. Not only do they try to kill all freedom-loving people, but they also kill each other. They have so much hatred that it even spills over toward their own.

Confront Extremism

It seems that much of the world is still unwilling to confront the Islamic extremism that is pervading our world. It is not only in Muslim countries. Tragically, extremism has come to the West and is growing. It is a major problem. If so much of the world keeps ignoring it and acting like it does not exist, it will continue to take over our values and our culture. We have to eradicate the belief system of radical Muslims. We must stop anyone else from getting poisoned with this ideology!

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