When police are siding with Nazis, the world is in trouble

by Phil Schneider

Is the language too extreme to say that people like Patrick Little are Nazis? Should the term “racists” perhaps apply to someone like this? Yes. Patrick Little has proven time and again that he hates the Jewish race. But Nazi? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Patrick Little is indeed no different than the Nazis in Germany in pre-war 1939. He says the same exact things that Nazis said before they began rampaging through Europe and killing all of the Jews along the way. When it was all over in the spring of 1945, they had killed more than 6 million Jews.

Who killed the 6 Million Jews?

Adolf Hitler did not kill 6 million Jews alone. He was not a fringe element in the German society. He was a minority leader with a following in the tens of thousands that turned into a leader of hundreds of thousands, and then millions of Germans. There were many Germans who were appalled by his statements about the Jews. But they lost power to him democratically – sort of – and then it was too late. The Weimar Republic that existed before the Nazi regime was not exactly the United States of America. But it did have elections, and the majority opinions did indeed dominate the leadership of Germany. But the extreme economic situation in Germany and perceived non-leadership following World War I led many of the masses to embrace the leader that they thought would restore prosperity and honor to the German people. Naziism supplied that. But it also provided the answer that so many Germans were searching for – a scapegoat. It is perhaps a sad statement on life that people seem to have the need to blame somebody else for their problems. But blame is one thing. Vilification, demonization, outright hatred, and then dehumanization are quite another. That is exactly what the Nazis did. Patrick Little has basically embraced the first 3, but perhaps has not taken the step of dehumanizing the Jewish people yet. But if there is anything that one can be sure of in this world, it is that anti-semitism will not decrease. It always comes back in every generation – just in different forms and methods.

If the free speech protectors – the police – protect outright anti-Semitism, then we have much to be concerned about. Patrick Little belongs behind bars or doing some community service in a zoo or an animal shelter. He should be separated from the masses.

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