Israel agrees – Gaza needs to be freed

by Leah Rosenberg

Yes, the world should work hard to free Gaza! But from who? Is it really Israel who is making the Gazans suffer? Think again.

Free Gaza from…Hamas

Free Gaza! That is what the international world cries out. That is what people say, referencing to a false narrative that Israel is making the people of Gaza suffer.

But the truth is, it is Hamas, the terror organization that controls Gaza, that is making Gazans suffer. They subjugate them. This video is just one example. Gaza could be a flourishing place for Arabs. If thousands of gallons of fuel are delivered to Gaza, the people should be able to use that to be productive. But the problem is, Hamas steals things like that, charges the people more than double the price, and then uses the money for terrorism. Hamas does not want to create a flourishing state for the Palestinian Arabs. Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish state!

Why Can’t the World See the Truth?

Why doesn’t the world see it? Not one Jew lives in Gaza. Israelis do not control Gaza. It is true – they guard the border. They have to. Otherwise terrorists will infiltrate the fence and murder innocent Israelis. But HAMAS rules over Gaza! And Hamas is the reason that the potential goods provided by Israel and others do not reach the people of Gaza.

So the next time you hear someone say they want to “free Gaza,” make sure they know who Gaza needs to be freed from.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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