New Yorkers are surprised to learn the Democratic Party echoes Communism

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s true. The Democratic Party echoes Communism. Yes, the Communism which killed millions upon millions of people. Even New Yorkers are shocked.

Echoing Communism

It is honestly frightening how there is a political party in America that mirrors an ideology that is so harmful to the free world. The Democratic Party echoes Communism. It is obvious. Why would Democrats want to turn America, a free democracy, into a Communist country? Why would they choose the principles of an ideology that killed more people than they can imagine? Where is the Democratic Party headed?

If the Democrats want to be part of a Communist country, they can move out of America. America is meant to be filled with freedoms that many other countries do not offer. And it should be the hope of every American that our politicians will defend and protect those freedoms, not try to eliminate them!

Even New Yorkers are Surprised

Even people on the streets of New York are shocked to learn what is found in the Democratic Party Platform. It all seems like it would be in the Communist Manifesto – not in anything that an American would support!

But sadly, the Democratic Party Platform is quite similar to the Communist Manifesto. So much so that it is hard to differentiate which idea comes from where. And that should alarm every single person, no matter which political party one associates themselves with. We should all want to stand up for democracy. And if certain American politicians do not, then we are in big trouble.

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