When commuters in Hong Kong stood up to Muslim Migrants

by Leah Rosenberg

Muslim migrants might not be used to people fighting back. But these commuters stood their ground. If only the leaders of each country would do the same.

Standing up to Muslim Migrants

The leaders of all countries should look at this video and learn to stand strong against violent Muslim migrants. The issue of open borders is not something to take lightly. These types of situations would not happen if the leaders protected their people and their borders. It is not racist to keep your country safe from criminals. It is not intolerant to safeguard your borders.

Of course, countries should be accepting of all religions, skin colors, and people. But that is not what this is about. This is about ensuring the safety of the citizens of countries. Muslims, just like any other people, should definitely be accepted into every country – assuming they are legal and not criminals. The problem with completely open borders is that there is no sifting process. And that is when people get hurt, or worse, killed. Enough of the PC culture. Maybe there is still time to turn things around. But not if leaders keep being weak and turning a blind eye to the truth.

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