BLM supporter does something outrageous on an airplane

by Leah Rosenberg

The fact that a BLM supporter had such an outburst on an airplane like this is so revealing of the organization. They have no shame.

BLM Supporter on a Plane

The disrespect. The narcissistic attitude. The lack of tolerance for others. That is what Black Lives Matter is giving to America. You may think BLM does not affect you. You may think they are not that bad. But just seeing a BLM supporter do something like this on an airplane says enough.

Aside from the fact that their violent riots are destroying the country, the repercussions of this movement are felt everywhere.

There is so much going on in the world right now with COVID-19. Flying on an airplane is enough of a hassle with Coronavirus. And BLM has to further inconvenience these passengers.

The Real Racists

The BLM supporter on this flight shows who the real racists are.

Listening to the way this woman spoke to the flight attendant and the passenger is horrific. She has no shame to curse and act as if everyone around her is targeting her. That was clearly not the situation. People were talking calmly to her, but she decided to make a scene. The flight attendant just had to get by, and the woman acted as if all her rights were taken away from her. She made a scenario about non-existent racism.

She went on to accuse the passenger of White privilege and made completely racist comments. And BLM wants to claim that there is an issue of systematic racism AGAINST Blacks in the country?

American politicians had to have seen this coming. If you are going to support a movement that violently riots and kills without thinking twice, this is going to be the outcome. Those who support BLM are going to take advantage of everyone else.


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