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When a Jew confronts a lying EU and UN-backed “activist”


Avi Yemini confronts a lying “activist” in Hebron who is backed by the EU and UN.

When Avi Yemini asks a “Palestinian Actvist” named Issa Amro if the PA names streets after terrorists, the “activist” responds, “according to whose definition do you define terorist?”

Avi says, “the Oxford’s Dictionary.” To which the “activist” claims that they only recognize international law not dictionaries.

Issa Amro explains how there are no attacks against the Jews in Hebron and therefore he sees no need for the increased security on the part of Israel.

Of course Issa’s opinion just doesn’t stand up to facts as Hebron, regardless of increased periods of calm suffers from Arab violence against the Jewish community, which moved back to its ancient home in 1967.

Issa insists that Jews can live under Palestinian rule safely, but Jews were never allowed to enter. Ultimately, Issa likes to make up facts, but Yemini proves him wrong over an over again – truth vs. falsehood.