Activists claim Jesus was a “Palestinian”

by Phil Schneider

What was Jesus? Was he a Jew? Did he live in the Land of Israel? Was the area where he lived sometimes referred to as Palestina by the Romans? Well, there you go – Jesus was a Palestinian! It is this kind of logic that fills the airwaves among those who will stop at nothing to delegitimize the Israeli connection to the Land of Israel.

Never mind the fact that the Muslim faith began around 600 years after Jesus lived. Never mind the fact that the concept of a distinct Arab Palestinian nation was never something that was accepted in the world until a few decades ago. The facts don’t really matter anymore. In today’s day and age, feelings and emotions matter more than anything else.

All of this is fine and dandy except for one big detail – It’s all a lie. Once you throw the truth out as the ultimate goal of any discussion, then there is chaos. As long as truth is our litmus test, then there is what to discuss. But if feelings matter more than anything else, then we don’t have any platform to have a discussion on. That is the core problem of today’s day and age – the lack of absolutes in our life. There are too many people who have rejected the idea that there is absolute truth and falsehood in this world. That allows for rewriting of history based on feelings and for an elasticity that justifies nearly anything that anybody feels.

So if somebody feels that Jesus was a Palestinian, we can’t hurt their feelings by pointing out the absurdity of the claim. This holiday season, the most important thing we can do is to reaffirm the existence of truth in the world we live in and reject the relativistic morality which has spread like a cancer into our conversations.

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