When a BDS activist’s lies about Israel are easily disproved

by Leah Rosenberg

It is actually quite funny to listen to such absurd lies about Israel. What this BDS activist said here just proved she does not know simple, basic facts.

Lies About Israel

There are big lies about Israel, and there are small ones. Either way, the lies can lead people to believe that Israel is an oppressive country. BDS supporters try to hide the truth about the Jewish state with their blatant lies. They do not want people to know that Israel is really a flourishing democracy that gives equal rights to people of all religions.

These activists lie about anything and everything, including Israel’s non-existent Metro system.

Using False Facts to Spread Big Lies

Do these BDS activists think they can get away with such absurd and unintelligent remarks? What this activist said shows she has either never been to Israel, is completely oblivious, or honestly believes that she will not be caught deceiving others.

Israeli soldiers do not carry AK-47s. They are Russian made. And by the way, Israel does not have a Metro system. There are no subways. So no – this woman has not had AK-47s “in her face” in Israel’s subways because subways do not exist in Israel. She reaffirmed her lie after being questioned. It is so ridiculous that it is actually funny.

If only everyone did some simple research. The lies about Israel are so easily refuted. You really do not have to be that intelligent even. You just have to be willing to hear the truth. Is that so much to ask for?

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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