What you need to know about Jews on the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews on the Temple Mount. That concept infuriates Muslims. But if you take a look back in the Bible and at history, the Temple Mount belongs to the Jews!

Jews on the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount has been part of Jewish history for thousands of years. It is the location where so many important events took place, including the binding of Isaac. Both Temples were also built on the Temple mount. So why is it that the idea of the Jewish people on the Temple Mount makes the world angry? Why do they feel that the Jewish nation does not belong in their ancestral homeland with their holy sites? There is so much bias against Israel and the Jews. The world actually listens to the Muslims as they try to rewrite history! If you want to know about the discrimination taking place in Israel, just come up to the Temple Mount. And you’ll see that it is not the Jews discriminating, but rather the MUSLIMS discriminate against the Jews and do not allow them to pray at their holiest site!

The REAL Discrimination

Muslims stop Jews from praying at the Temple Mount. They do not want people knowing about the age-old connection. They are trying to erase history. Eliminate the truth. Bury the facts.

People need to stop blaming the Jews for wanting to retain their connection and love for the land of Israel.

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