What Was Once Called Crazy is Now Happening in Our Schools

by Phil Schneider

Where is the front line in the battle for the future of the Western world? Is it the border to the South, the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, those amazing natural boundaries that keeps the United States of America naturally far away from it’s enemies? No more. Today, the front line is the public school. Anyone who has children is on the front line.

“Live and let live.” That seems like such a fair and healthy attitude. But it is now destroying America and the Western world. Why? Because at the heart of that attitude is a belief that there is no absolute in this world. There is no right and wrong and anyone can do whatever they want, wherever they want, and however they want.

Why is this such a big deal? OK. It is destroying female sports. That’s pretty clear. But is that such a big deal? First off, the answer is yes. Female sports is not a small thing and it affects millions of women today. But it is far worse than that. The modern woke version of “live and let live” now believes firmly in creating chaos on all aspects of gender definition. Meaning, there are no longer men and women, boys and girls. There are only people with freedom to identify as men, women, and anything else they want to identify is. If you feel like a half-reptile, you have the right to identify as one. There are no lines anymore. Reality is fast becoming just one big blur.

A person can be a boy till the age of 7, then decide to be a girl at the age of 8, choose to be something termed transgender at the age of 9, and then create a new category of being at the age of 10. They can use any bathroom they want on Sunday and then switch on Monday. They can impregnate a woman on Tuesday and choose to have a baby on Wednesday. This is not an exaggeration of reality. It is an accurate portrayal of what is going on. Most of all, this is what schools are teaching today.

Even if one is not a religious person who believes in absolute right and wrong, a sane person knows that creating man-made (or women-made) terms like transgender does not actually create a new reality. It creates a new fiction. When sending a child to school today, one does not know if the teachers will be woke radicals or if the other children will try to indoctrinate your children with these ideas either.

Odds are that your children will be more than just exposed to these ideas. The new norm is to encourage wokeness everywhere. Otherwise, a person is labeled as homophobic, transphobic, reptile phobic, you-name-it-phobic.

Home schooling is becoming more and more attractive by the day.

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