This Moment at the Western Wall Proves Our Enemies Will Never Win

by Leah Rosenberg

This beautiful moment is just a glimpse at the power of the Jewish people. When our enemies try to destroy, this is how we respond.

Prayer and Song at the Western Wall

When the Jewish people’s enemies try to attack and destroy, the Jewish people respond with prayer and song. Over the weekend of January 27-28 2023, terrorists attacked Jews in multiple locations. 7 innocent Jews were killed, and others were injured. Those 7 Jews who were murdered in cold blood were killed outside a synagogue on the eve of Shabbat by a Palestinian Arab terrorist. Yes, Israel plans to respond in ways to G-d willing prevent future terrorism and to punish those responsible. But as a Jew, what do we do personally? Well, these Jews went to the Western Wall to talk to G-d. To pray. To sing. To comfort each other. To unite and show G-d that we want Him to bring the final redemption. We want Him to end the pain.

This video is beautiful because it shows how special the Jewish people are. It shows the world how different Jews are from their enemies. Sadly, the world still doesn’t see it though. The world still thinks Jews are the oppressors – even after a terrorist murders Jews outside a house of prayer. Many of the headlines are sickening.

But again, despite all of it, the Jews will continue to be a people of peace. They will continue to love life and not worship death like the Palestinian Arabs. The Jews will continue to believe in G-d and have faith that He runs the world.

May we go to the Western Wall to celebrate in the future and not to call out to G-d in pain.

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