What these social media companies are doing will leave you speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

American social media companies are supporting terrorism. They are giving Iranian terrorists a platform, which goes against Trump’s attempt to isolate the state-sponsored terror of Iran.

The Iranian Regime

In May, 2018, the United States removed themselves from the Iranian Nuclear Deal. President Trump has taken a strong stand against terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program.  Indeed, it was in America’s best interest to withdraw from the terrible deal. Therefore, President Trump reinstated sanctions against Iran. American companies cannot do any business or provide services and goods to the Iranian government. Iran’s leaders are corrupt, so why would Americans want to provide anything for such an evil regime? Why would Americans choose to help promote and spread hatred toward America, Israel, and the West?

But sadly, despite the sanctions law, American social media companies are providing a platform for terrorists.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful thing. It can create things, or it can break everything. The amount of people reached by companies and people using it is hard to imagine.  It is perhaps the #1 influencer of public opinion today.  Of course, President Trump understands this well.

So, one might expect that corporations like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Instagram would know that. Those businesses surely know how powerful social media is. Nevertheless, they still are going against the sanctions law and allow Iran to spread hate on social media. They give the platform for Iran’s terror campaigns. That is just wrong.

There should be strong repercussions for those who go against the sanctions law.  Why would any American even WANT to violate such a law?  What do Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Instagram have to say for themselves? Can they defend themselves against the fact that they are helping terrorists?

Today, these social media companies have allies in the White House.  But we must be aware that the power of the social media companies have been felt for a decade and they just grow from year to year.

Dr. Risch

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