What the US withdrawal from Syria means for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Dr. Dore Gold recently served as the Director General of the Foreign Ministry.  The Foreign Minister was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  That means that for all intents and purposes, he was the #1 policy person for the State of Israel.  His perspective is critical in order to understand what Israel’s policies will be going forward on foreign policy.

Land Corridor to the Hizbullah

The decision of the United States to remove their troops from Syria is a big deal.  But, how should it be viewed?  Former Ambassador,  Dr. Dore Gold is one of the closest foreign policy advisers to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He explains that Iran will probably be emboldened by the move of the United States.  An Iran corridor from Iran through the northern part of Syria into Lebanon and into the hands of the Hizbullah is a big deal.  Shiite militias in Syria are under Iranian command.  There are tens of thousands of fighters like this.  The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Gadi Eizenkot explained that the main goal of the Iranians is to build up 100,000 fighters in Syria under their command.  This is so that Iran can pressure Israel from the Golan Heights too.

Trip Wire

So what did the US force in Syria accomplish.  Dr. Gold explains that at the very least, the United States force served as a defense perimeter or a trip wire that could trigger a massive US response if Iran began to deepen their involvement in Syria.  Note that the US did not remove it’s 5,000+ troops out of Iraq.  Dr. Gold argues that we need a mini Nato type force in the Middle East in order to keep an eye on Iran and make sure that Iran’s dreams of regional hegemony are not realized.



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