Israeli entrepreneur explains blockchain and the money of the future

by Leah Rosenberg


Get ready for a total paradigm shift on how we view and use money.  There have been times in history when the function and use of money shifted.  The Gold Standard is one example.  Bancor came up with a unique method which would deal with some of the core issues of money.  Bancor explains that the key to the whole idea is liquidity.


Here is how they explain the idea:

“Money is a tool for human collaboration, and is undergoing its third major technological evolution. Why we need it, how we use it, who creates it and where it flows in society are all up for redesign in the era of user-generated currencies, powered by blockchain.

Galia Benartzi – Co-Founder, Bancor Tech Open Air is Europe’s leading technology and innovation festival. Our mission is to connect, engage and inspire through transformative discourse, knowledge exchange and collaboration.”

Any idea that includes a shift of this magnitude will undoubtedly face major obstacles.  However, it is important to note that all progress in this world depends on big thinkers and dreamers.  Conformists do not advance the world as much as eccentric dreamers.  The ideas behind this seem to be monetary and entrepreneurial.  However, that does not necessarily a negative thing.   Many of the best ideas that sparked progress were driven by pure financial motives and no by idealism.



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